Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bangalore – Getting Hot due to global warming

Its going to be one year, that I couldn’t able to post any news regarding due to global warming. This one year, India saw many changes, but no change in reduction of global warming. On one of my post I mentioned that metropolitan cities will face severe global warming and that’s what happened to the garden city of India, Bangalore. Bangalore always enjoys the moderate climate, but due to the rise in global and local pollution levels, it’s getting hotter day by day. 

In a gather during the Annual Conference on Environment and Sustainability in Bangalore, Dr J Srininvasan Chairman, Divecha Centre for Climate Change and Prof, Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore said “excessive consumption of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel has resulted in carbon emission of 390 ppm (parts per million) in the last two to three years. If remedial measures are not taken, summer seasons in the coming years are going to be cruel”.

According to him, global warming has had a direct impact on the lives of the people in the developing counties as it has impacted groundwater levels. And, even now if the issue of global warming is not addressed, consequences would be disastrous. India’s contribution to global warming is also less and if the same situation exists, there may be a change to get water scarcity. Kanwer Pal, Secretary, Department of Ecology and Environment, said that “two of the five industrial areas are highly polluted in the State”. So still we have time, we need to wake up soon and some measures should be taken to stop global warming.


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