Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dust on Roads to be Reduced by Chennai Corporation

The Chennai Corporation is on the Plans to Reduce Dust on roads, There has been frequent air pollution caused by metro rails, debris, garbage and more.

This is in accordance with a direction from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to the civic body and other agencies, such as Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, traffic police, Chennai Metrowater and the transport department, to take steps to control air pollution in the city.

Chennai Air Pollution

The Corporation is likely to focus on infrastructure renewal and technological intervention to tackle the problem of dust on roads.

“A number of motorists suffer from eye irritation and poor visibility because of air pollution. Many roads are dusty and vehicle movement causes dust particles to hover, along most stretches,” said R.B. Saravanan, who rides a motorcycle daily.

According to a recent report of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) on air quality, places such as Anna Nagar, Kilpauk and T. Nagar exceed the permissible limit of respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) of less than 10 micron size.

TNPCB’s annual reports also indicate a rise in pollution level on roads. RSPM levels have gone up in the past few years.

In areas such as Kathivakkam, the RSPM has been consistently above 300 microgram/cubic metre.
According to an official of the Corporation’s public health department, Wall Tax Road, Mint, T. Nagar and Chennai Central neighbourhoods have potential for causing high incidence of respiratory problems for motorists because of dust on roads. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stop Deforestation ! Save Wild Animals

Due to deforestation, we lose many wild life species and also many of the distinct wild life species do not exist due to deforestation activities. Among those, Bison is one among them where they are found less in number. So we should stop deforestation and save wild animals which are endangered so that our future generation will come to know that these kind of species exist.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Is Anyone there to Save Me From Global Warming?


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Role of Humans on Our Precious Environment

“People always wanted someone to blame, didn't they?”. We should give ourself credit by not blaming others. There has been continuous news updates about global warming and many websites share news about global warming, but we are least interested in reading that since it do not have the essential ingredients what we expect. Msn website today in their lifestyle column have shared the best pictures of global catostrophe. Below are some of the pictures and facts of global warming. Have a view of humans role on our precious environment. 

 The picture you are seeing was a jungle in Mato Grosso state, one of the Brazilian states suffering from deforestation. Some of the brazillion amazon have been suffering from deforestation.

Dead fish float on the waters of Nageen Lake in Srinagar in this August 2012 photo. Thousands of dead fish were found floating on the lake due to depletion of oxygen and the fluctuation of water temperature, according to local media. Scientists indicate that unusual high temperatures and then a sudden dip, depleted oxygen levels in the lake and also the pollution in the lake could be the reasons. 

A male polar bear carries the head of a polar bear cub it killed and cannibalized in an area about 300 km (186 miles) north of the Canadian town of Churchill in this November 2009 photo. Scientists say climate change plays a part on this issue.

Children wash their hands in a partially dried-out natural pond at Badarganj village, in the western Indian state of Gujarat in this August 2012 photo. With Monsoon Rainfall Failed, the weather experts finally conceded on the month of august that india is facing a drought.

These are few of the pictures which i would like to show you as an example. There are many scary reality are there. For more information on this read

Friday, August 3, 2012

Global Warming Spreads New Bacteria

Due to different types of pollutions, the lifetime of human beings have decreased and now due to global warming, an other type of bacteria called cyanobacteria have been spreaded and it also started to do its role( Threatining humans by diseases). This bacteria produces greater amount of toxins and affect nervous system, liver, eyes, mucous membranes and as well as cause dermatitis and allergies.

The journal Water Research reports says that "We suspect that these cytotoxins may be behind some gastrointestinal disorders and other illnesses, but epidemiological studies are required to confirm this,". This type of bacteria loves warm weather and any increase in temperatures in the upcoming years  may cause them to grow larger and produce more toxins and become more and more harmful.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are We Protecting our Natural Resources?

Are we protecting our natural resources? If we ask this question to ourself, our answer would be no. Yes, we know that our natural resources are getting depleted, but still we take it as granted. We dont show any sort of gratitude towards nature. When you study any research against natural resources, it is hard to digest that we lost many natural resources. The famous Indian water guru Anupam Mishra said on one of his interview that "we don’t use our own resources well.When the British first came to India (in the 1850s), Delhi had almost 800 water sources of its own. Now there are no more than 10, and even those are heavily degraded. Delhi’s groundwater is being depleted very fast."

                                                         Are We Protecting our Natural Resources

"Without such water bodies, not only are we not collecting rainwater in our cities, we also suffer from flooding when the rains come. There is no resilience. Not a single modern city will escape this threat. Look at the 2005 Mumbai floods - this will only worsen in the future and there is no sign of anyone solving the problem wisely." We also lost many plants that acts as a life saving medicine due to deforestation of forest. I dont whether this condition is going to improve or going to get still worsen. As like you, me also waiting for something good to happen on protecting our natural resources. This what we can do? Isnt it?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Comparision Of Mother Nature

Before Global Warming

                                              A happy mother nature when her resources are safe

After Global Warming

An Angry mother nature when her resources got destroyed and depleted