Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are We Protecting our Natural Resources?

Are we protecting our natural resources? If we ask this question to ourself, our answer would be no. Yes, we know that our natural resources are getting depleted, but still we take it as granted. We dont show any sort of gratitude towards nature. When you study any research against natural resources, it is hard to digest that we lost many natural resources. The famous Indian water guru Anupam Mishra said on one of his interview that "we don’t use our own resources well.When the British first came to India (in the 1850s), Delhi had almost 800 water sources of its own. Now there are no more than 10, and even those are heavily degraded. Delhi’s groundwater is being depleted very fast."

                                                         Are We Protecting our Natural Resources

"Without such water bodies, not only are we not collecting rainwater in our cities, we also suffer from flooding when the rains come. There is no resilience. Not a single modern city will escape this threat. Look at the 2005 Mumbai floods - this will only worsen in the future and there is no sign of anyone solving the problem wisely." We also lost many plants that acts as a life saving medicine due to deforestation of forest. I dont whether this condition is going to improve or going to get still worsen. As like you, me also waiting for something good to happen on protecting our natural resources. This what we can do? Isnt it?


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